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Kernel options not passing in EFI image?

From: Avi Deitcher
Subject: Kernel options not passing in EFI image?
Date: Thu, 19 May 2016 10:36:36 +0300

(I posted this on SO as well, but realized this more properly should be
posted here)

I am building an EFI-bootable iso, use grub-mkimage to build my grub file
as BOOTX64.EFI. I then make a single efiboot.img as a FAT filesystem which
contains that file in the right place.

The system successfully boots in EFI, I see the grub menu, it even starts
the correct kernel with the correct initrd... but the kernel options simply
are not passed. Even the simplest case of "quiet" doesn't get passed

To keep this thread simple, I set up a gist with the grub.cfg, mkimage, and

Any ideas? I am absolutely stumped.

Avi Deitcher
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