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Re: Which modules to include in the --module parameter of the grub-insta

From: Arbiel (gmx)
Subject: Re: Which modules to include in the --module parameter of the grub-install command
Date: Mon, 29 Feb 2016 18:11:32 +0100
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Thank you for your input.

Le 28/02/2016 10:11, Andrei Borzenkov a écrit :
> ïÔÐÒÁ×ÌÅÎÏ Ó iPhone
>> 28 ÆÅ×Ò. 2016 Ç., × 12:02, Arbiel (gmx) <address@hidden> ÎÁÐÉÓÁÌ(Á):
>> Hi
>> I'm trying to help a user who experiences difficulties to boot a Ubuntu
>> distribution. grub does not display any message on the screen even when
>> entering the rescue mode (in a test, he suppressed the configuration
>> file, but got no message neither). As nothing is wrong in the
>> bootinfoscript's report, and as his
> Posting link may help.
The user ran "boot-repair" to produce a boot report, available at

He produced other reports, to show he had performed the modifications
which he had been suggested to do, but these reports would not provide
you with valuable additional pieces of information.

>> PC is fitted, beside the motherboard
>> video processor, with two NVidia GTX580M video cards, I believe the
>> issue is video and the solution is to use the --module=MODULES parameter
>> of the grub-install command.
> GRUB has support for standard text mode console compiled in. If it does not 
> produce any output, this is BIOS issue.
> If I understand you correctly, system boots but grub output is not shown. 
> Correct? Are BIOS messages shown on this screen?
We are in a great confusion on what is happening. We have even not been
able to prove the BIOS released control to grub. For instance, grub did
not display any message on the screen even after the grub.cfg file had
been renamed.

We followed several tracks, which lead nowhere.

>> However, I have no idea of the required modules to include to have grub
>> run and the pieces of information I found at
>> "";
>> are not explicit enough for me to poke around the right ones.
>> As the PC is BIOS based (no UEFI), my tentative list of modules would be
>> 915resolution
>> acpi
>> ahci
>> all_video
>> ata
>> biosdisk
>> bufio
>> chain
>> cpio
>> cpuid
>> disk
>> drivemap
>> echo
>> ehci
>> exfat
>> ext2
>> file
>> font
>> iorw
>> linux
>> loadenv
>> mmap
>> msdospart
>> normal
>> ntfs
>> part_msdos
>> pata
>> pci
>> scsi
>> serial
>> terminal
>> uhci
>> usb
>> vga
>> Is this list the right one ?
>> Thank you for any help.
>> Arbiel
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