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usb keyboard not functional in non-uefi mode

From: Jan Gregor
Subject: usb keyboard not functional in non-uefi mode
Date: Thu, 11 Feb 2016 09:04:54 +0000


  my keyboard (microsoft natural 4000) doesn't work in boot managers although it is functional in bios, windows, linux and uefi mode. Unfortunatelly my disk works in mbr mode so uefi is not option for me. The keyboard worked ok with old computer so I think the problem relates to my current motherboard (asus p9dws).

 I use grub2 from fresh debian installation (jessie), version 2.02~beta2-22+deb8u1.

 Without modifications, grub2 boots without problems debian and windows 10. Unfortunately due to unfuctional keyboard I have to externally change default option.

 When I added following lines to start of grub.cfg, my keyboard works.
    insmod usb
    insmod usb_keyboard
    insmod ehci

 Unfortunatelly boot of windows 10 ends with following error message

   A disk read error occured. Press Ctrl + Alt + Del

I think the error can relate to usb support that forces grub to use nativedisk module. Can you recommend how to solve booting of windows 10 in this case ?

Best regards,

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