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Re: Exporting a variable to use it in a submenu or menuentry function ?

From: Arbiel (gmx)
Subject: Re: Exporting a variable to use it in a submenu or menuentry function ?
Date: Wed, 10 Feb 2016 19:15:17 +0100
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If "new context" means "new displayed menu", what happens then when
escaping a submenu to return to the previously displayed menu ? Do you
have, in the submenu, to export back the variables ?

Le 10/02/2016 17:56, Andrei Borzenkov a écrit :
> 10.02.2016 14:34, Arbiel (gmx) пишет:
>> Hi
>> Is it necessary to export a variable, set in the configuration file, to
>> be able to use it in a menuentry ?
> No, if it is set in the same variable context.
>> Does it matter whether the menuentry
>> is embedded or not in a submenu function ?
> Yes. Submenu runs in new variable context. Each context has completely
> separate set of variables. When new context is created, exported
> variables are copied in new context. Without any exports new context
> would start empty. Variables created in new context are lost when
> context is destroyed (e.g. you exit submenu).
> I do not know what was the rationale for this. Personally I find it
> rather confusing.
> I have in mind documenting but cannot decide in which part of manual it
> fits :)

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