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Re: "Early" boot splash/boot text possible?

From: Michael Heseltine
Subject: Re: "Early" boot splash/boot text possible?
Date: Thu, 28 Jan 2016 13:30:58 +0000

No, I haven't. It never occured to me that this might work.
But it does. Thank you very much!

Cheers, Michael.

<address@hidden> schrieb am Do., 28. Jan. 2016 um 14:10 Uhr:
> I'd like to display an image or at least a text line like "Please wait..." during this period, as I've encountered users of this
> system who think something is wrong and press reset or even switch it off and on again. After the kernel has loaded, I want to see
> the normal kernel messages.
> Is there really no way of doing this with grub2? Not even a single line of text until the kernel takes over?
Did you try just using echo? Something like:

menuentry "Boot linux" {
   echo "Please wait..."
   linux /path/to/vmlinuz options...
   initrd /path/to/initrd.gz

Good luck, keep us informed :-)

> Cheers, Michael

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