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"Early" boot splash/boot text possible?

From: Michael Heseltine
Subject: "Early" boot splash/boot text possible?
Date: Wed, 06 Jan 2016 10:49:01 +0000

Hello everyone,
I'd like to display an image (or at least a text message) while a kernel is being loaded. I have a (rather slow) machine on which grub displays its boot menĂ¼ normally. If I select an entry (or let the boot timeout do it for me), the linux kernel is being loaded - but the kernel messages don't appear until eight to nine seconds have passed. In the meantime, the screen is blank.

I'd like to display an image or at least a text line like "Please wait..." during this period, as I've encountered users of this system who think something is wrong and press reset or even switch it off and on again. After the kernel has loaded, I want to see the normal kernel messages.

Is there any way to accomplish this using grub2? Any ideas are appreciated.

Cheers, Michael

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