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RE: Cannot boot from dual bios/uefi boot CD

From: John Frankish
Subject: RE: Cannot boot from dual bios/uefi boot CD
Date: Tue, 22 Dec 2015 16:13:56 +0400

>>> Yes, I have reproduced it now. The reason is, grub-mkrescue adds 
>>> commands to load all partition drivers to embedded config and if some of 
>>> them
>>> (or may be the last one) is missing it sets error indication.
>>> Later grub misinterprets this error indication when loading normal 
>>> module; loading it manually succeeds (insmod normal; normal).
>> If I add code to reset error indication before trying to load normal it 
>> works.
>>> So it still works for your purposes, albeit with manual workaround :)
>> Indeed - but I could hardly make it available to others like this :)
> For the record - it should be fixed in current GIT.
> If you have chance to retest it would be good.
Thanks for the update.

The dual boot cd/iso I was working on used isolinux for legacy boot and grub2 
for uefi boot.

What I would like to do is to use grub2 for both legacy and uefi boot by 
embedding the various grub modules as before (which would also test your fix).

Is this (grub2 dual boot cd/iso) possible? Is there an explanation somewhere?


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