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Locating a configuration file (*.cfg)

From: Arbiel (gmx)
Subject: Locating a configuration file (*.cfg)
Date: Fri, 30 Oct 2015 12:02:04 +0100
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I want to write a grub script to locate a configuration file to branch
grub to. This raises some issues

1) When --boot-directory of install-grub points to a logical volume,
--force-file-id seems not supported as no configuration file is embedded
in core.img. Does grub support searching into such a volume, assuming
the lvm module has been loaded ? And what kind of search does it
implement (uuid, label, file) ?

2) Having located the configuration file to branch to, configfile allows
for the branching of grub to that file. How does configfile handle the
${config_directory} variable ? If this variable is not set to this "new"
grub directory, how is it possible to deduce the name of this directory
from the fully qualified name of the "new" configuration file ?

3) To complement this grub script, I want to write a bash script to set
a environment variable which the grub script has to reset. grub seems to
not support save_env to a grubenv file located on a logical volume. Is
it possible to replace the load_env and a save_env commands by
identically named functions which would use these 2 commands with the -f
parameter (and doing so, would allow for the correct operation of
recordfail) ?

Thank's to anybody for any help.


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