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iPXE efi chainloading grub2 pxe efi file

From: Rivard, Matthew T
Subject: iPXE efi chainloading grub2 pxe efi file
Date: Fri, 18 Sep 2015 00:05:27 +0000

I’ve got a good working EFI Grub2 efi Bootloader that works fine when its directly handed off to by the DHCP for PXE, however, if I attempt to chainload it from iPXE snponly.efi, it goes straight to the grub command prompt. 


I’ve tried embedding the grub.cfg file via –c on the grub-mkimage command, but it spews out the grub file as a stream of “command not found prompts” and then still goes to the grub command line. 


If I try embedding all of the modules directly into grub.efi during mkimage, along with the config file, it then throws a grub_divmod64_full not found error. 


What is the ideal way to chain load my grub.efi file from iPXE so that it works the same as if it was the direct handoff from the DHCP/TFTP server? 


Unfortunately, in order to allow for selecting either our EFI WDS Server or our EFI Linux Server, I have to use iPXE first, as chainloading snponly.efi from grub2 ends up with iPXE snp not being able to enumerate anything from the PCI Bus.  


Using git pulls for both that were from yesterday. 


Matt R.


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