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grub virtual keyboard

From: Christoph Huckle
Subject: grub virtual keyboard
Date: Fri, 31 Jul 2015 09:17:43 +0000

Hello All,

not sure if I'm going slightly mad...

I have a Surface Pro3 mutliboot with GRUB2 as bootloader.
When I installed Ubuntu 14.04 the first time, GRUB2 would present me with the possibility to open a virtual keyboard as long as NO input device was detected.
That was great!
Now after several changes to the setup, I never get the virtual keyboard possibility anymore :(

I've searched whatever I could find and I did not find any word about this "feature".
Can you maybe shed some light on this? Was this a freak GRUB2 from the future, or is there really a way to have a virtual keyboard?


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