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Troubleshooting Issues with Relocation

From: David Narvaez
Subject: Troubleshooting Issues with Relocation
Date: Wed, 15 Jul 2015 23:14:11 -0400


I bought this laptop in December, 2013 and since day 1 I have not been
able to boot Linux from this computer using my distro's provided Grub2
due to the issue described here:

Lib/relocator.c:1223: min_addr = 0x0, max_addr = 0xffffffffffffffff,
target = 0x88800
Lib/relocator.c:433: trying to allocate in 0x0-0xffffffffffffffff
aligned 0x1 size 0x7800
Lib/relocator.c:529: Blocking at 0x897e8000-0xb7a04000

The difference with the original poster is that I was able to fix the
issue by compiling and signing my own grub. I did this back then so I
do not remember exactly what flags I used, but I do know those were
the default flags and it works fine (modulo the fact that I have to
bootstrap grub manually). Ideally, I would like to return to my
distro's Grub2, so I recently upgraded my BIOS but the problem
persists. I guess next steps would be finding out what is it that my
self-compiled Grub2 has that the distro one does not - I thought it
was a matter of modules, but I cannot lsmod in my self-compiled grub's
command line.

What do you suggest I do now in order to get more info?

David E. Narvaez

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