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From: Alexander Rumyantsev
Subject: GRUB2 & LVM
Date: Thu, 28 May 2015 17:14:40 +0300

Hello everybody!

Two days surfing the net to find out is there any way to install GRUB directly 
on physical volume (PV) without any luck.

PV does not use first sector and can preserve some space for bootloader.
Grub2 supports /boot on LVM.
Here i stuck.

Can anybody point me to manual or maybe email or forum discussion on this topic?
Or tell me keywords to google for?
Even if this operation require editing a disk in hex editor - that's ok for me 
as I will do it once for a template.
It's very useful for running virtualized environments with regular online disks 
I know I can use GPT (tons of manuals over the net), but i see no reason to use 
one more abstraction layer, as LVM2 is volume manager already.

Thanks in advance.

Alexander Rumyantsev.

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