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GRUB VBE Mode Info

From: Malhar Palkar
Subject: GRUB VBE Mode Info
Date: Sat, 16 May 2015 22:17:04 +1000

To the help desk, 

I am currently developing a hobby OS, of which I am planning to use GRUB 2 as the bootloader. Instead of having to reinvent the wheel and use the horrid protected mode VBE interface, I have am instead passing my preferred mode (132 x 60 EGA text) to GRUB via the multiboot header. However, there is no way of the OS knowing whether the mode was implemented or not, or if it was, which is the relevant video memory. The multiboot specification says "The fields ‘vbe_control_info’ and ‘vbe_mode_info’ contain the physical addresses of vbe control information returned by the vbe Function 00h and vbe mode information returned by the vbe Function 01h, respectively." 
My question: Is the mode information described above relevant to the video mode set by GRUB?

I apologise if I have misread or misunderstood the specification. I look forward to receiving a reply.

Thanks a million!

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