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OldWorld NetBootIng

From: PorroManoLestaOilßianco
Subject: OldWorld NetBootIng
Date: Mon, 30 Mar 2015 15:43:59 +0200
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Hello everybody,

I am trying to make the miracle
to resuscitate PowerBookG4 (non-intel wow!)
with estimated dead too Gnoppix_LT.

Once I put almost 5 distros, but on a NewWorld.

This time it seems different because:
~I want a secure machine so fortunately doesnt take any bootup-disc
~I dont think to fix with a source-package because of dismissed darwin-ports
~tried BootMania but with double delusion because of sharewarin (what about 1.31 and/or Fog?) ~This is the ultimate uncompromised machine (see how iOs behaves with torrents)
~anyway I'd love an Hackintosh, but must first fix some contracts...

Right now I am working on a virtual machine QEMU 0.9.0a89
and I couldn't install Gnoppix neither on a regular pc
if not by Morphix with consectuent error fault,
so Grub will not install and overall i do not know
how to treat the kernel argument.

I think the only way is to make-up an html-boot-server
with maximum 500 mb (I can treat)
so to boot with my only possible option

but my question is
how does BootX see netboot kernel

is it possible to use OpenFirmware
or is it necessary the key-combo at the boot
for the elf-like console?

I'd like to let in peace OpenFirmware
not to open boot to external risks.

I wish to get on chain BootX'netconf-kernel'makeup

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