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Re: Installing Grub2 To Manage Window 8+ Systems

From: Joāo Ricardo Sares Teles de Matos
Subject: Re: Installing Grub2 To Manage Window 8+ Systems
Date: Wed, 18 Mar 2015 00:33:03 +0000
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The key to understanding UEFI booting is that it's not only dependent on the contents of the hard drive, but also on a UEFI registry stored in some chip on the motherboard.
This registry can only be modified by an OS that was booted with UEFI. Systems booted the "legacy" way don't have access to this hardware feature, so you have to ensure you're booting whatever system you're using to work on this with UEFI.

The tool used to manipulate this registry on GNU/Linux is efibootmgr.

Here's a promising-looking throve of information on this subject:

I just skimmed it, and it looked like a good reference.

On March 17, 2015 6:51:05 PM GMT+00:00, Marion Smith <address@hidden> wrote:

Our company rents hundreds of computers to clients for short term events. The networks can be as large as 200+ laptops per event. To easily deploy these laptops we created years ago a Grub Legacy solution that lets us boot to a Grub menu and have the choice to boot the installed OS or to use Ghost to re-image the hard drive with some other standard OS configuration.


With the advent EFI and GPT, we are looking at moving to a Grub 2 with Clonezilla as the imaging software. We are attempting to inject Grub 2 into the EFI partition and have that boot first and show a menu. The only way we have been able to do this is using Ubuntu to install and manage Grub. We are hoping to not have to maintain a Linux partition on the systems if at all possible.


Is there a way to install Grub into the EFI partition to work stand alone?

Is there a way to install Grub into the EFI partition but have it reference a FAT partition (that doesn’t have an OS) for the config files?

Can we direct Grub to reference the config files in a folder in the EFI partition?

Would a live type installation work better (like the live USB from Clonezilla)?



I don’t know if I am asking questions that make sense yet.


Any advice will be appreciated.


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