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Re: Tool to test/preview Grub2 themes?

From: Sebastian Pipping
Subject: Re: Tool to test/preview Grub2 themes?
Date: Mon, 12 Jan 2015 15:18:04 +0100
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Hello again!

On 12.01.2015 04:18, Andrei Borzenkov wrote:
>> I am wondering if there is a tool for Grub2 theme creators that they
>> could run to see their theme in action
>>  * without rebooting their machine for each iteration or
>>  * need to prepare bootable machine images manually.
>> Is there such a thing?
> Not that I'm aware of. I think using VM is the most straightforward.

I built a tool [1] to do that now.

It creates a minimal sparse bootable image, copies the theme in and
starts KVM.  It's basically the steps from my 2012 blog post [2] turned
into a tool [1].

Before using the tool, be warned that:

 * it is alpha/beta software that

 * needs root permissions in some part (calling sudo)

 * so I don't take any warrenty for anything right now!

This is how to make it preview the Archxion theme, as an example:

  git clone

  git clone

  cd grub2-theme-preview

  ./grub2-theme-preview ../Grub2-themes/Archxion/

The current usage is:

  # ./grub2-theme-preview --help
  usage: grub2-theme-preview [-h] [--image] [--grub-cfg PATH]
                             [--version] PATH

  positional arguments:
    PATH             Path of theme directory (or image file) to preview

  optional arguments:
    -h, --help       show this help message and exit
    --image          Preview a background image rather than a whole
    --grub-cfg PATH  Path grub.cfg file to apply
    --version        show program's version number and exit

More polishing and packaging soon.

I'm looking forward to your patches and bug reports!




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