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dvd drive disappeared

From: snydley2
Subject: dvd drive disappeared
Date: Sun, 14 Dec 2014 20:06:33 -0500

I have a Lenovo Ideapad Y710 that originally had Vista on it, I
formatted the HDD and installed Windows 7 64 bit on it. Everything works
great with that. I installed Zorin linux on it,(based on Ubuntu), so I
could dual boot, and the DVD is no longer "shown" in Zorin's file
manager , or in Windows Explorer or Control Panel > Device Manager, IT
JUST DISAPPEARED! I then booted into Windows, removed the Linux
partition, rebooted the laptop with the Windows 7 DVD, and "repaired"
the OS from the command line, (bootrec.exe/fixmbr). I rebooted the HDD
and the DVD drive reappeared and everything is normal with the laptop
again, except I'm stuck using Windows. I've installed, and removed Zorin
3 times with the same results, so it's not a 1 time "glitch". I also use
this same dual boot setup on an Alienware 14 laptop and the DVD drive is
"shown" and works normally, with that.
With Zorin, and Grub, installed on the Lenovo I can boot into either OS
successfully, and use the OSs normally , except there is then no DVD
drive in either OS.
I believe there is something in Grub's config that is conflicting with
the DVD drive, but I don't know what, or how to fix it. I'm wondering if
it's something with ACHI, but I'm not sure what. Also, when booting the
laptop from the Zorin LIVE CD, the install Zorin icon is on the desktop,
and if I go to the file manager > computer > media > cdrom, the files on
the LIVE DVD are shown. From all of this, I believe it's Grub that is
interfering with the drive
Can anyone help?

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