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LUKS UUID format

From: John Lane
Subject: LUKS UUID format
Date: Tue, 18 Nov 2014 12:25:06 +0000
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When opening a LUKS volume, I found that the UUID needs to be just the
digits without the additional formatting hyphens that are commonplace.

    cryptomount -u af4b91598cbb4122b8010c18adf26b3e

whereas all other places, like setting the Grub "root" and the Linux
kernel options, expect the hyphenated format that is described in
RFC4122. Also, UUIDs in a generated grub.cfg have the hypenated format.

I have a little function in my experimental grub.cfg that I use like this

menuentry 'Linux Encrypted' { crypt_start
af4b9159-8cbb-4122-b801-0c18adf26b3e da9253f8-14ec-43df-8e79-fdf66f71adc8 }

but I've had to modify it to specify the crypt's UUID twice, like this:

menuentry 'Linux Encrypted' { crypt_start
af4b9159-8cbb-4122-b801-0c18adf26b3e af4b91598cbb4122b8010c18adf26b3e
da9253f8-14ec-43df-8e79-fdf66f71adc8 }

I wondered if there was any Grub2 function that I could use de-hyphenate
a parameter containing a UUID, or if "cryptomount" can, or could be made
to, accept formatted UUIDs .

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