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Grub2 : PXE : grub.cfg : setting "default" boot option to hotkey definit

From: Joseph Kelly
Subject: Grub2 : PXE : grub.cfg : setting "default" boot option to hotkey definition
Date: Wed, 29 Oct 2014 14:35:35 -0600

Set up
I have grub2 served up from a linux PXE server.

Is it possible to set the default option to a defined hotkey?

Use case
I have a menu set up with 20+ boot options and I want to move things around for display purposes and/or add/remove an entry. At the moment, it is my understanding that I would need to go back through the menu options and re-number them to then get the number to set as the default.

For example, in the cfg I would like to be able to write:
set default="g"

Would it help to put the default setting at the end of the file once the it has been read in?

Thank you,

Joseph Kelly

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