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Re: Grub Legacy, where can I get a copy of 0.97?

From: sudoer tor
Subject: Re: Grub Legacy, where can I get a copy of 0.97?
Date: Wed, 28 May 2014 05:06:37 -0700

I ended up finding the binary files I was after shortly after I sent the email. I had to change the second ftp into an alpha in the ftp address to find the older versions.

Anyway the reason I was after a legacy version of grub was for several reasons, firstly, I want to start developing my OS initially on a floppy disk and I heard that the legacy grub was smaller and easier to configure. Being fairly new to lower level programing, I figure it will be easier to start with older, more documented methods for setting up an initial environment.

Besides, my brain probably operates differently to most so the only way I'll ever get the hang of programming is for me to know exactly what's under the hood of my system. (Yes I know I can do that with GNU/Linux, but the amount of code to understand is staggering, so much so I can only look at it vaguely understanding what it does.) At some point I'll update it to grub2, but that will be after I get a decent kernel working.

Thanks for trying to help me find the binaries I was after.

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