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is it possible to use grub in a commercial application

From: jurassic pork
Subject: is it possible to use grub in a commercial application
Date: Thu, 24 Apr 2014 01:53:19 +0200
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grub is a gpl v2 software , as i understand (may be it is wrong) i can use it in a commercial application only if the application is distributed with all the sources and must become GPL. The commercial application is for only one client ( not a public application). i would like to use grub only in a part of the application to build bootable usb with winpe to install wim customized windows 7 client image on different types of PC. why i would like to use grub and not bootmgr to boot winpe ? because on one type of PC , bootmgr doesn't boot -- > error 0xc000000e Boot\BCD read configuration error.
Seems to be an usb bios issue.
If i use grub to map a winpe iso file and load it, it is OK.
Grub would be used only for solve the usb bios issue.
With syslinux it is also OK but syslinux is also GPL.
Have you an another solution ? commercial or not ?
Sorry for my poor english

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