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My grub2 menu screen is "garbled", how can I fix it

From: Bob Currey
Subject: My grub2 menu screen is "garbled", how can I fix it
Date: Fri, 11 Apr 2014 11:52:08 -0700 (PDT)

I have a Dell Inspiron 8100 laptop with Win/XP, antiX 13.2 and Debian Jessie A1 on it.  It boots to grub 2 (which was installed by Debian Jessie originally, and worked fine until I tried to use the "e" option to change the text, I think) from the hd, and the top row of the screen is all dots, and then there is a line that says "GNU GRUB 2.00-22" clearly, then a couple blank lines, and then a horizontal line all the way across, and under it, vertical lines going down to the bottom of the screen between each character.  

Then on the lines below, you can sort of read the menu, and tell that the first line says "Debian" something, with all characters overlaid with something like "Di".

The second line, if I highlight it, I can sort of read "Advanced options  Debian" but all charaters are overlaid with something like "Ai".

The third line, if I highlight it, I can tell says "Microsoft XP Home" but all characters are overlaid with something like "Mi"

The fourth line I can tell says "Debian" something obscured with "Di", and the fifth line says "Advanced" something obscured with "Ai".

I could attach a pic of the screen if that would help any, but figured that probably might upset folks here, so I didn't.

Ok, so I have two problems here. 

1.  If I could get the characters to be readable, that would really improve things.
2.  If I could find out how to change the menu text to reflect which options are Debian Jessie vs which are antiX, that would help a lot.

I tried running a "boot-repair" iso, but it didn't fix it.  to reinstall Debian would take at least 4 hrs because the machine is slow and no CD rom drive, so I'm booting from floppy with Plop, and then selecting a USB flashdrive, to boot when not booting from the hd.  I admit that other than knowing what is on which partition generally, I don't understand all the code to boot each, so I would rather try to fix a way to fix it than to have to redo it, if possible.

Can anyone please tell me a way to fix the garbled menu screen, please?  And once I get that fixed, I'd like to try to adjust the menu text.

Thanks much for any help....

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