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grub2 & mdraid

From: Oleg
Subject: grub2 & mdraid
Date: Mon, 10 Feb 2014 12:33:52 +0400
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  Hi, all.

I have the problem with an installing grub on a mdraid device.

I install a new system with a help of my bootable usb flash. I have x86 system
on the usb flash and want to install a x86_64 system on a hdd. My steps:

1. Boot from the usb flash (/dev/sda);
1.1. Create a raid device on partitions (prepared with fdisk) with:

     mdadm -C /dev/md0 -l1 -n2 --bitmap=internal /dev/sdb1 /dev/sdc1
1.2. Make a raid partition and a fs on it:

     fdisk /dev/md0
     mkfs.ext4 /dev/md0p1
1.3. Install a system:

     mount /dev/md0p1 /mnt
     debootstrap --arch=amd64 --foreign --include=grub2,mdadm wheezy /mnt
1.4. Install grub:

     grub --modules="part_msdos raid mdraid1x" --root-directory=/mnt /dev/sdb
     grub --modules="part_msdos raid mdraid1x" --root-directory=/mnt /dev/sdc

2. Boot from hdd and get:

   error: no such disk.
   Entering rescue mode...
   grub rescue>

2.1. I do insmod part_msdos, raid, mdraid1x. But when i do insmod normal i get:

     error: no such disk.

Now as a workaround i install a system (x86_64) to a different single disk and
booted from it i install a system (x86_64) on a mdraid and do grub-install from
a chroot. And this is work. But this is a strange method.

Can anyone point me to the right section of the
to resolve my problem?


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