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pxechainloader problems

From: Deepak Chawla
Subject: pxechainloader problems
Date: Thu, 23 Jan 2014 11:18:58 -0800


In my current setup, I have a diskless client that PXE boots a grub2 image and then offers choices to load different ISOs. This setup is working great.

I now have a need for grub to PXE boot another (custom) PXE loader and it looks like the pxechainloader command would do just that. Unfortunately, as soon as I try to PXE boot the next image (I've tried both the custom PXE loader and the pxegrub image as well), the system resets. The pxechainloader in the stock grub-2.00 refused to even load the images. The pxe grub I built from the git repo is able to load the image, but not switch to it. Here's the menuentry I have for reloading pxegrub.

menuentry "reload pxegrub" {
        set kern=/boot/grub/pxegrub.0
        echo -n "Loading ${root}$kern: "
        pxechainloader $kern

I did an extensive google search on pxechainloader and the closest info I found on this was from a 3+ year old email trail (

Am I missing something? Any suggestions on how to proceed with this?


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