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Re: how to avoid hitting a key to pass the "Welcome to GRUB!" message ?

From: Joe The Smoe
Subject: Re: how to avoid hitting a key to pass the "Welcome to GRUB!" message ?
Date: Sun, 12 Jan 2014 17:28:58 +0100
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Le 12/01/2014 11:21, Simon Hobson wrote:
> Joe The Smoe <address@hidden> wrote:
>> I have installed a Debian Wheezy (which uses grub version 1.99-27)
>> on a new laptop and while Grub is able to properly boot the OS,
>> once the "Welcome to GRUB!"  shows, it stays paused as long as no
>> key have been pressed, which I find annoying. I've tried different
>> settings, read documentation again and again but cannot figure out
>> what's wrong in my configuration.

Hello Simon,

> That's odd because the default on Debian is for a 5 second timeout.
> Check the value of GRUB_TIMEOUT in /etc/default/grub as a first step
> - and also (in case it's getting changed elsewhere) check what value
> is getting put on /boot/grub/grub/cfg (where it's "set timeout=…")

thanks for this checklist.

in /etc/default/grub I have played with different parameters, setting
them or not and with different values in particular these ones:

but this had not changed anything.

After some additional tests I found that the problem comes from the line
I've added to get a localized keyboard mapping:


without it I get the expected result (no need to press a key at boot),
but I have a 'querty' keyboard, which is annoying.

beside this directive I had added the following script in /etc/grub.d/

> cat 41_custom

/usr/bin/ckbcomp fr | /usr/bin/grub-mklayout -o /boot/grub/fr.gkb 2>

echo "insmod keylayouts"
echo "keymap /boot/grub/fr.gkb"


Running the command that generate that file from a shell gives some
error messages:
# usr/bin/ckbcomp fr | /usr/bin/grub-mklayout -o /boot/grub/fr.gkb
Unknown keycode 0x54
Unknown keycode 0x65
Unknown keycode 0x7f
Unknown keycode 0x79
# echo $?
the file /boot/grub/fr.gkb exists and is not empty.

The exit status is 0 and the keyboard layout works in at_keyboard mode,
so the Grub keyboard layout file is not that insane.

beside "at_keyboard", I've tried different values for
GRUB_TERMINAL_INPUT (console, ofconsole, usb_keyboard, serial):
- "serial" acts the same as at_keyboard (correct layout by key press
required at boot),
- the other values work the other way (no need to press a key, but
'querty' keyboard layout...)

The keyboard is not listed by lsusb so it is not an usb keyboard, that's
the only thing I could know about that keyboard.

Any idea are welcome...


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