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When will the OS_PROBER be fixed

From: Dan Priest
Subject: When will the OS_PROBER be fixed
Date: Fri, 15 Nov 2013 15:03:15 +0000

Hi just a quick one,

I was wondering when GRUB's os_prober function will be fixed as when I install 
any linux distro with GRUB, it will boot windows 8 properly on a computer with 
UEFI Secure Boot with GPT partitioning, this includes Fedora and Ubuntu. The 
only way to get it to work is by running boot-repair which you have to disable 
secure boot for it to work and then this causes the shimx64.efi to stop 
loading. This is a real big problem at the moment for the Linux community as 
everyone is confusing the issue to be with secure boot when in actual fact it 
is GRUB's configuration that seems to be at fault. Please correct me if I am 

Would just like to know if this is a problem you know about and if so do you 
know how long it will be before it is fixed???

Regards Dan Priest

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