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Chainloading to an isofile embedded bootloader

From: Arbiel (gmx)
Subject: Chainloading to an isofile embedded bootloader
Date: Mon, 04 Nov 2013 16:12:13 +0100
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Using grub2, booting a PC from an iso file is rather straightforward when the file's bootloader is grub2 itself or that the /boot/grub/loopback.cfg file exists. When this is not the case, one has to write such a /boot/grub/loopback.cfg file, and this may require a lot of expertise. A way to avoid this rather cumbersome task would be to have grub2 chainload to the loopbacked file-embedded bootloader.

1) does such a chainload operation work ?
2) in the case it works, can you please inform me which block address and length are to be used ? 3) else, would it be possible to include this development into grub's future plans ?



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