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Re: grub2 & uefi

From: Drake Donahue
Subject: Re: grub2 & uefi
Date: Sun, 27 Oct 2013 19:23:37 -0400

On Sun, 2013-10-27 at 17:16 -0400, Henry W. Peters wrote:
> I sent this to the list, no reply, probably wrong list,
> anyway help/directions appreciated (as mentioned below).
> My cpu is an AMD64, HP Pavillion desktop, with 8GB ram, 2TB hd (which
> I have shrunk the Windows 8 os partition to 1 TB, in the hopes of
> installing Gentoo on the other TB partition (which has not yet
> transpired).
> I am currently running Sabayon 3.10.0 with Grub2 on an external usb
> hd, dual booting with Windows 8... (I believe Grub2 is on my mbr on
> usb hd), & the "new" uefi bios. I am able to boot by turning off
> (disabling) "secure boot," & enabling "legacy."
> I have been trying to research ways to simplify the boot process...
> there is a wiki article, specific to uefi & Sabayon... but it starts
> of with: 
> "This content is outdated! Sabayon now supports UEFI and UEFI Secure
> Boot out of the box." 
> When I installed Sabayon, from the liveDVD, it would not (apparently)
> install Grub (it may be possible that the initial install was not Grub
> 2, that is I think it's possible Grub2 was brought to me by a recent
> "update" of my software) on to the efi partition (in my
> case /dev/sda2). 
> So, though I may need to go to other sources for further reference in
> these regards, wondering if any one in the Grub community has any
> pointer, advice, links, etc. that may help clarify... (i.e., is Grub
> relevant to uefi, etc.?).
> Thanks much,
> Henry 
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The simple way is rEFInd with no grubs or lilos or syslinux recommend

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