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Re: GRUB 2.0 not loading config file

From: Chris Murphy
Subject: Re: GRUB 2.0 not loading config file
Date: Sun, 20 Oct 2013 01:40:25 -0600

On Oct 19, 2013, at 10:25 PM, Andrey Borzenkov <address@hidden> wrote:

> В Sat, 19 Oct 2013 22:07:47 -0600
> Chris Murphy <address@hidden> пишет:
>>> GPT:
>>> Disk /dev/sda: 246162672 sectors, 117.4 GiB
>>> Logical sector size: 512 bytes
>>> Disk identifier (GUID): 6A7696BC-D860-44B9-87E9-6AAECD6C9E4F
>>> Partition table holds up to 128 entries 
>>> First usable sector is 34, last usable sector is 246162638 
>>> Partitions will be aligned on 2-sector boundaries 
>>> Total free space is 0 sectors (0 bytes) 
>>> Number  Start (sector)    End (sector)  Size       Code  Name 
>>>  1            2048       246162638   117.4 GiB   8300  primary 
>>>  2              34            2047   1007.0 KiB  EF02  BIOS boot partition
>> At the grub command line, issue the set command and report the result for 
>> prefix. Above it looks like it's setting the prefix to (,gpt1)/boot/grub 
>> which is wrong. It should be (hd0,gpt2) based on the GPT you've posted,
> Based on GPT it should be gpt1. 

Temporary confusion. The core.img is in gpt2, but it's looking for /boot/grub 
within the fs on gpt1. So it looks like the prefix is right, except there's no 
hdX designation before the comma, is that normal? Since there are two disks, it 
seems it needs to be (hd0,gpt1) rather than (,gpt1).

>> but it's unusual that the partition numbers are reversed given the
>> LBAs being used. The BIOS boot partition is first.
> There is no requirement that partition numbers correspond to relative
> partition positions on disk. At least I am not aware of it - do you
> have reference?

The UEFI spec doesn't appear to care. There is no actual "Number" designation 
within the GPT. The program is translating the order of appearance of each 
entry as a number. But it's still unusual for them to be out of order like 
this, so while it shouldn't matter, it's also not as well tested of a 
configuration. But in any case, grub-install got the partition (entry) number 

Chris Murphy

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