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understanding of stage2

From: Kun Huang
Subject: understanding of stage2
Date: Wed, 16 Oct 2013 01:12:36 +0800

Hi, all

I have some understanding of stage 1, 1.5, 2 in grub booting progress, but I'm not sure all of these. Please review my views and give a score :)

The stage 1 is stored in MBR and limited in 446 or 440 words by history reasons, whose duty is to pass control finally to operating system kernel.

The stage 2 has same duty and actually is extended part of stage 1. The reason why we use another part of execution codes is that size limit in MBR and offering choices to boot different system is a fantastic job.

Compared with stage 2, stage 1.5 could help us find more complicated file path to get boot menu. 

So could I imagine that if I just want to boot only one system in my server, I could have very simple and same size codes. And if possible, MBR have enough size to do this and I don't need stage 2 any more.


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