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Re: grub2-mkconfig with root on rootfs

From: Peter Volkov
Subject: Re: grub2-mkconfig with root on rootfs
Date: Sat, 12 Oct 2013 19:45:43 +0400

В Сб, 12/10/2013 в 01:21 -0700, Jordan Uggla пишет:
> grub-mkconfig makes menu entries where the kernel is passed
> information on where to find its root fs. grub-mkconfig is rightfully
> unable to provide a value for the root= kernel parameter because there
> is no device to mount, there is no pivot-root. It wouldn't be
> difficult to make grub-mkconfig not pass any root= kernel parameter,
> but it also doesn't make much sense to use grub-mkconfig for such a
> non-standard configuration.
> My strong recommendation is to not use grub-mkconfig at all for such a
> configuration.
> You (Peter) can just write a grub.cfg manually, and if my guess is
> correct that you're installing new kernels manually rather than via a
> package manager or other form of automated update then a small extra
> step of adding a new entry at the same time shouldn't be too much
> trouble.
> If you are getting kernel updates automatically, or for some other
> reason would like your grub.cfg automatically kept up to date, then
> you can either make your own script that generates a grub.cfg, or
> (what I would prefer) you can make a grub.cfg that uses grub-script
> features to check what kernel images are in /boot/ and generates
> entries dynamically for whatever it finds.

Thank you, Jordan for clarification. Sure I can live with manually
created configuration as I do now. That said if somebody else will need
grub-mkconfig work in this case, then I'll be happy to test and may be
even I can write preliminary patch )


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