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Booting to UEFI from Bios Boot Partition

From: luminair
Subject: Booting to UEFI from Bios Boot Partition
Date: Sat, 28 Sep 2013 13:23:53 -0300

Hi there!  I'd like to know if GRUB2 installed to BBP and booted in BIOS mode can then load a UEFI boot partition (in my case pointing to an install of Windows 8) on a GPT disk.  I ask because I'd like to boot a UEFI GPT disk in a Hyper-V gen1 VM which only supports BIOS mode booting.  GRUB2 (or another bootloader) may provide a workaround for me!
I've tried to do this already with the version of GRUB2 that comes with the latest version of Ubuntu, but the chainloader throws an error when pointed at the UEFI boot partition.

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