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can I use a password to select book menu?

From: haaber
Subject: can I use a password to select book menu?
Date: Thu, 12 Sep 2013 16:26:39 +0200
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I was wanderinh wether I can use a password (and only the password) to
select the boot device. Like this invented example:

 This is GRUB. Enter Password.

Now, if I give, say, "topsecret" as password, the first boot menu will
be selected, if I give "abcd" the second one. The point is not to let to
know the user if there is more than one boot option.

Why that??

Imagine you're in a airport, say, and have two volumes on your disk. A
dummy one and an encrypted real one. You're asked to start you computer.
Okay, no problem Sir, I enter the pass "abcd" and an old windoze boots,
with some stupid family pictures in it, to divert attention. However, if
I want to work on it, I enter "topsecret" and my encrypted favorite
linux boots. It is clear that this type of "security" is not really
safe, but most such controls are done by simple security guys, who will
never realize what happens :)

Thanks for help!

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