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GRUB2 UEFI boots on DVD, but not a CD

From: Patrick Verner
Subject: GRUB2 UEFI boots on DVD, but not a CD
Date: Wed, 3 Jul 2013 18:01:12 -0500

I have ran into a strange problem. When my distribution Parted Magic is burned to a DVD it boots from EFI BIOS. When it's burned to a CD we get this:

rom image is present
error: failure reading sector 0x2600 from 'fd0'

Sometimes the 'fd0' is 'cd0' depending on the machine. USB booting seems to always work. This is with theĀ 2.00-14 release. I actually copied the EFI img and EFI boot loaders from Clonezilla Live, it's the debian sid package I assume.

Patrick Verner

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