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Re: Chainloading windows 7 installed on a local partition

From: Pascal COMBES
Subject: Re: Chainloading windows 7 installed on a local partition
Date: Wed, 05 Jun 2013 20:40:01 +0200
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Le 05/06/2013 18:59, Andrey Borzenkov a écrit :
В Tue, 04 Jun 2013 23:16:05 +0200
Pascal COMBES <address@hidden> пишет:

Hello everyone,
      I would want to submit you a problem I encountered when trying to
install Ubuntu (on sda6) after having installed Windows 7 on a logical
partition (sda5). Before the installation of Ubuntu, Windows 7 was on
its logical partition (sda5) and it worked well. A detail : When
installing Ubuntu, I put Grub on a separate boot partition (sda3).

      I tried to reconfigure Grub so that it boots either Ubuntu or
Windows seven with :
menuentry "Windows 7" {
      insmod ntfs
      insmod chain
not directly related but you do not need "insmod ntfs" here

      set root = (hd0,5)
      chainloader +1
but it didn't work : Ubuntu boots without any problem but Windows don't.
So I tested with the search function :
menuentry "Windows 7" {
      insmod ntfs
      insmod chain
no here

      search --no-floppy --fs-uuid --set=root ${UUID_OF_MY_DISK}
      chainloader +1
and it again didn't work same problem. Notice I got the UUID with sudo
blkid /dev/sda5.

The error message was :
Erreur lecture disque
which means "Error reading disk". As this is in French I guess that it
is a message from Windows, isn't it?

      I read a little bit on the Internet and I found some posts that I
think said it was possible but other pretend it isn't. But none of them
were very clear. So, I don't know what to think that is why I'm asking :
/Can grub chainload Wi//ndows when windows is installed on a logical
partition? /If this is possible, may you give me some hints on why I
didn't manage to set it up? Otherwise, I will change my partition table
and reinstall everything in a different manner (by the way can you
confirm to me that grub can be installed in a logical partition?)

      I give you my partition table :
primary /dev/sda1 (Dell stuff I cannot delete because of guarantee)
primary /dev/sda2 (Dell stuff I cannot delete because of guarantee)/
/primary /dev/sda3 (boot partition where grub  is installed)
logical /dex/sda5 (Windows 7)
I do not think Windows can boot from logical partition. So I suspect
Windows bootloader is actually installed on either sda1 or sda2.
Could you try running "os-prober" from Ubuntu - may be it finds Windows
loader for you? You could also try bootinfoscript to check what it
find about various loaders on your disk.
You are right. I just looked at the contents of the partition /dev/sda1 (I can read it with Ubuntu) and I saw that some files appeared. I think the explantion of this miracle is the following : As everybody says, Windows bootloader must be installed on a primary partition. However you can easily install Windows on another partition. In this case during the installation process it creates a boot sector in another partition. But it didn't warn you of what he has done. I hope it didn't crash any Dell files. I will have a check.
Thank you very much. Best regards,
logical /dev/sda6 (Ubuntu)
and some other (for data and swap) but I don't think you need them.

      I thank you in advance for you response and please you to excuse my
bad English. Best regards,

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