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Why USB command doesn't return usb devices list ?

From: Emad Elsaid
Subject: Why USB command doesn't return usb devices list ?
Date: Thu, 30 May 2013 09:29:19 +0200

i have the following problem :

i have a brand new HP ProBook 4540s, installed windows8 then ubuntu 13.04
so GRUB2 is installed to my HDD successfully 
each of the OSs loads correctly.

now i'm trying a small experiment the goal is make grub boot the OS after finding a usb stick with
a certain serial number.

checked GRUB2 command list and found "USB" which should list all USB devices i have.
so i started my Laptop, pressed "C" to enter GRUB command line, executed "usb"
while having a USB Flash stick connected but the command always return empty list
like it cannot find any USB devices,

note the i tried the following and the result is the same :
- tried all USB ports 
- tried "insmod usb", "insmod usbtest"

any ideas to reach this goal ?

Emad Elsaid
Pixelware Co-founder
Mobile: +20 114 137 1675
Skype: blazeeboy

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