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Re: debugging grub.cfg

From: David H. Durgee
Subject: Re: debugging grub.cfg
Date: Mon, 20 May 2013 12:37:23 -0400
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Jordan Uggla wrote:
On Sat, May 18, 2013 at 3:10 PM, David H. Durgee <address@hidden> wrote:
Per Jordan's request I have attached my grub.cfg to this post.  I ran
grub-script-check and received no errors, so I am a bit confused here. Let
me know if you need more information to help me diagnose this.
That grub.cfg is clearly for Linux Mint 13, which uses grub 1.99 final
(not the much older 1.97 beta4 currently installed to your MBR and
/boot/grub/). If you actually installed grub 1.99 using grub-install
then it would parse the grub.cfg without any syntax errors (as
evidenced by grub-script-check reporting no errors), so that (and
properly configuring Mint's packages to run grub-install correctly on
future upgrades) seems like the only real solution. Why are you
hesitant to run grub-install?
The reason has to do with the fact that this is a multiboot system that includes OS/2 - eCS among other operating systems. I have found no way thus far to boot OS/2 - eCS installed on bootable JFS partitions from grub, so I must continue to use the IBM OS/2 boot manager partition for this purpose. So the IBM boot manager is the active primary on the drive and is booted by the MBR. The IBM boot manager then boots the operating system needed from its menu.

I had originally installed Linux Mint 8 Helena x64 on this system. I installed grub in the helena boot partition and IBM boot manager has no problem starting it from a menu entry I added for it.

When Helena reached end-of-support I decided I wanted to install Linux Mint 13 Maya x64, which is a long-term-support release. Unfortunately I found that between Helena and Maya changes had been made to grub to the point that I was unable to install grub to the Maya boot partition. I did finally get grub installed there, but it has been long enough ago that my memory has faded and my notes are lost, but I believe I had to boot the Live-CD, chroot, and then back out 1.99 for 1.97 which was used in Helena and which did install to the Maya boot partition.

This was working fine for some period of time, but I am unsure what has happened since this point. Given what you are noting I am wondering if I at some point allowed the update manager to upgrade grub and left myself with 1.97B4 in the partition boot record and 1.99 elsewhere. If this is indeed the case, perhaps I can confirm this and fix it by falling back to 1.97B4 for everything. Beyond that perhaps it is possible to fix grub so it can boot OS/2 - eCS in bootable JFS partitions, which would allow me to use grub in the usual manner.

In case it makes a difference to you, I have my mint partitions in JFS format as well, as I am more familiar with it from my OS/2 - eCS background, so grub does not appear to have a problem with bootable JFS partitions in general.


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