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Re: Grub2 almost does what I want

From: Felix Miata
Subject: Re: Grub2 almost does what I want
Date: Sun, 03 Feb 2013 14:44:18 -0500
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On 2013-02-03 22:58 (GMT+0400) Andrey Borzenkov composed:

>> How mkconfig decided what to create and where to locate are unfathomable.

> It takes list of /boot/vmlinuz-* and lexicographically sorts them.

It probably needs to find the one on the target partition with the biggest
numeric component to make default/top of list when all others are to go in a
submenu as Mageia does it.

That's exactly what it does. But you manually created links with
non-numeric "version" part. So how should they be sorted now? Before or
after numerals?

Current listing of /boot/vmlinuz-* needs changing to listing of /boot/vmlinuz* so that the stanza containing the preferred kernel "vmlinuz" (or "linux" if that's what the distro uses) when present appears first instead of not at all. (Had that been the case already, I might never have participated in this thread.) Those containing numeric strings should be sorted in descending order. The rest should be sorted in ascending alpha order. I would prefer all symlink stanzas be grouped before realname stanzas whenever the titles can be made sensible.
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