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Grub displays Grub Rescue menu (Paul Lewis)

From: Tom Davies
Subject: Grub displays Grub Rescue menu (Paul Lewis)
Date: Sun, 21 Oct 2012 18:08:57 +0100 (BST)

Hi :) 
I suspect you have done the same as me, the same as the last thread in this list (which i didn't quite understand but suspect i just need to re-read sometime).  The SSD is formatted using a GPT table rather than something unsuitable for SSDs? 

What i tried was booting into my old OS and then got to a command-line and  tried

sudo update-grub

Now i can completely successfully boot into any of the OSes on my old drive.  There is even a listing for the new drive but when i try to use that one the machine fails to boot up. 

So, i unplugged the old drive and left the new one in.  A LiveCd session allowed me to reinstall (or install) Grub 2.  So now if i have the old Sata Drive plugged in i get all my old OSes but if i unplug it i get the new one.  Annoyingly the new one forces me into Mega Glest rather than regular Glest so i'm quite happy staying with the old one. 

I do have a feelign that if i just set-up a small partition at the front of the SSD to dedicate to being a boot-partition and install Grub2 to that then i could have both but i think i would probably still be booting into the old OS!

Regards from
Tom :) 

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