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pxe multiboot -- one module reads another module (plain text)

From: Troy Cauble
Subject: pxe multiboot -- one module reads another module (plain text)
Date: Wed, 10 Oct 2012 15:06:51 -0400


I'm trying to move a pxe multiboot test setup from
grub legacy to grub (2).  One of the modules reads
another module, which is a plain text file.  In my grub2
configuration, the open works, but the read returns zero data.

The working grub legacy configuration:

    title foo exectest
    kernel (nd)/386/bin/kpc32.elf U=0:115200 T=proc
    module (nd)/386/bin/exectest boot
    module (nd)/exectest.cfg boot.cfg

exectest is a test prog that opens and reads "boot/boot.cfg".
exectest.cfg is a plain text file.

The non-working grub2 version.

menuentry 'foo exectest' {
        multiboot $kernel $kernel $kargs T=proc
        module ${stuff}/exectest boot
        module /exectest.cfg boot.cfg

exectest and the kernel are the same as in the grub legacy usage.

The kernel loads & runs.  Other tests built into the kernel run.
exectest.cfg loads.
    I can "cat exectest.cfg" from the grub command line, but not boot.cfg.
exectest loads and runs.
exectest OPENING 'boot/boot.cfg' works.
    It gives an error if I map it to the wrong place or don't load the exectest.cfg.
But when exectest READS from the open 'boot/boot.cfg', it gets zeroed data.          <<<<<<<<

I've tried a number of mkimage variations, like
    grub-mkimage --format=i386-pc-pxe --output=pxegrub2
        --prefix='(pxe)/boot' pxe pxecmd multiboot multiboot2
        cat legacycfg test ls read

If it matters the grub legacy version works runs on Linux with qemu
(qemu-system-x86_64 -nographic -net nic,vlan=1 -net user,vlan=1 -tftp
/tmp/booto/ -boot n -bootp /pxegrub)

The grub (2) version is running on OSX with VirtualBox.

Any insights?


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