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Networking in GRUB 2.0

From: bates
Subject: Networking in GRUB 2.0
Date: Sat, 6 Oct 2012 17:29:50 -0400

Hello All,
I'm in need of a little network capability info from the GRUB 2.0 implementation experts out there.  I think I can do these possible modifications myself but I need a nudge or two - or maybe a shove off a cliff.

I need to transfer a trivial asci file from a tftpserver while GRUB is booting an embedded target computer.  This is NOT a NBP using gpxe or pxegrub like system.  GRUB-2.0 does that very well.  I'm booting an embedded computer with it's own drive and grub-2.0 is installed on that drive.  I have done this before using grub-0.97 where I used the grub-0.97 "ifconfig" and "tftpserver" built in functions to configure the network. Then I created a new grub-0.97 builtin function to retrieve and process the asci file.  I also added support for a new network card.  Fun, fun, fun...

Enter new "state of the art" hardware:-P  Nothing works anymore- as you would expect...

I like GRUB-2.0 architecture and have modified it sufficiently adding the new command to handle the processing of this asci file by placing a test copy of this file on the target computers internal solid state drive.  Now, I need to get GRUB-2.0 to retrieve this file from a remote tftpserver instead.  

GRUB-2.0 provides several interfaces tftp.mod, httpd.mod, tcp.mod, net.mod, pxe.mod, etc, etc.  It looks to me like they are all tied to PXE, EFI or some other NBP.   I'm wondering if anyone can tell me is it possible to use these modules (modified or not) to configure my network hardware enough to transfer this 200 byte file every time grub boots.   If PXE is not enabled in my BIOS how can I initialize the NIC?  Can I use the UNDI interface using a hardcoded bootp packet?  I know my ip and the server ip data.  

Any thoughts?

Pushing the edge I know...

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