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grubenv and raid

From: Lode Mertens
Subject: grubenv and raid
Date: Mon, 27 Aug 2012 15:46:53 +0200
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We are planning to upgrade from lilo to grub.

Our root partition is a raid 1 and we want to be able to boot a kernel
only once during an upgrade (in case the new kernel panics) without
user interaction. According to the grub documentation you can use the
grub environment to keep state between reboots. But according to the
documentation this is not supported on RAID volumes:

"For safety reasons, this storage is only available when installed on a plain disk (no LVM or RAID)"

What is the advised way of setting up this configuration?
Is it for example possible to embed the grub environment in the space
between the MBR and the first partition? Or is there another way to
save the environment on disk if you only have a raid volume?

Best regards,

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