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Grub2 with two EFI disks (Windows 7 + OpenSuSe)

From: Mgr. Šimon Tóth
Subject: Grub2 with two EFI disks (Windows 7 + OpenSuSe)
Date: Sun, 12 Aug 2012 00:31:39 +0200
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I just installed my first machine with EFI and because previously the best solution was to install Windows to a dedicated disk a did just that. But I have no idea how to boot the second disk now from Grub2.

The only howtos I found actually just use a single EFI partition, but I have two partitions (one on each disk). I can boot from the BIOS boot menu to both Linux and Windows.

I tried some different configurations, but the original simple configuration doesn't work:

menuentry "Windows 7" {
        insmod chain
        set root=(hd1)
        chainloader +1

I get invalid EFI path error.

So what is the correct configuration for this use case?

Mgr. Simon Toth

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