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Re: Embedding core.img in an empty partition

From: Damien Robert
Subject: Re: Embedding core.img in an empty partition
Date: Wed, 1 Aug 2012 16:37:39 -0700
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(Sorry for breaking the thread, but I did not receive the reply, I copied
it from the web-archive).

> Sounds less painful to move/resize the file system starting at sector 63.
> What file system is it?

This is an lvm file system, containing my / and /home lvm partitions. So
moving it would require to do it from a live cd + gtparted does not know
how to move an lvm partition, so I would have to do it by hand with dd and
sfdisk + since I would only need to move the partition by 2MO, that mean
there are overlaps so I must start at then end rather than at the beginning
to not overwrite my data, and there does not seem to be an option to ask dd
to copy backwards, so I would need to call dd for each sector which would
take a long time (well dd_rescue seem to have such an option).

All in all it would be very error-prone.

> If you use the force flag with grub-install, it will find  the space at the
> end of the disk and use it (block lists).

I thought that the --force flag use as block lists the blocks where the
core.img reside in the /boot partition (so in my case ext4 inside lvm). So
that any change in the /boot filesystem could break the block list.
even recommend to chattr +i the core.img when using block lists to prevent
changing the file.

Are you saying that instead  the force --flag still copy the core.img file,
but embed it into several empty spaces?


Damien Robert

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