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Re: location configuration

From: Arbiel Perlacremaz
Subject: Re: location configuration
Date: Mon, 30 Jul 2012 16:51:26 +0200
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I'm not sure to really get your point.

/etc/grub.d/ and /etc/default are a directory and a file used by grub-mkconfig to generate a grub.cfg file which will then be used by Grub2 to boot the PC.

Grub2 looks into /boot/grub to find the files, and more particularly grub.cfg, to boot the PC.

In those files and directory you will not been able to find any indication on where Grub2 has been installed. It goes the other way around : Grub2 looks where you have told it, at installation time, to look for the files to be used for booting.

At installation time, you use grub-install to both 1) indicate where to store the files (--boot-directory) and 2) where to install grub. Then you use grub-mkconfig to generate the grub.cfg file in the directory you have defined at installation time.

At boot time, the PC looks for a valid bootloader as defined in the boot devices listed in the boot setup parameters. It is up to you to have the PC looks at first where you have installed Grub2, as the PC uses the first valid bootloader when it searches down that devices list.

To analyze your configuration you can use the tool boot-repair to produce a report which may help you find out where Grub2 sits.

There also exists a script to produce this kind of report, but I have lost its name.


Le 28/07/2012 01:22, Felix Miata a écrit :
On 2012/07/28 00:33 (GMT+0200) Arbiel Perlacremaz composed:
Felix Miata composed:

 need to know where Grub2
 was or should have been installed while booted to an OS with no Grub2

The content of your unquoted reply indicates you seem to have missed the key element of my query (quoted above).

The partition about which the query has files in /boot/grub/, /etc/grub.d/ and /etc/default/grub. It is from them I wish to determine the answer to the quote above, if it's possible, or if not, some other method. If the subject is covered in the online Grub2 manual, any portion thereof that _might_ is not evident from perusal of its table of contents.

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