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Newbie Grub2 tweaking tool/instructions?

From: Richard Owlett
Subject: Newbie Grub2 tweaking tool/instructions?
Date: Thu, 05 Jul 2012 08:23:19 -0500
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I'm new to Linux though have been end-user since CPM-80 days [took a much too long detour thru Windows].

I've dedicated one machine to experimenting with multiple versions (mostly Debian related) installed from that distro's LiveCD.

The combination of the installer and grub2 gives two annoying results: 1. The latest install goes to the top of the Grub displayed list of choices
     of which OS to load.
2. The content of menu entries is not human friendly - it gives distro and kernel version, but not desktop and my keyword for what options I took while installing.

What I need:
  1. newest install to be on bottom of the list
  2. to be able to create menu entries meaningful to myself
3. the menu entries keep my custom entries across multiple additional installs

What I'd also like is to not have excess menu entries:
1. each install provides a normal and "rescue" entry point. For the purpose of _my experiments_, the "rescue" entry is just a line cluttering up the menu. 2. the Debian install also provide 486 and 686 versions. Only the 486 version will eventually be relevant on some eventual target machines so I'll only want
     to experiment with that version.

I take it as a given I'm going to have to dedicate a small partition or a USB stick for grub's exclusive use.

Are my desires doable? reasonable?


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