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Re: GRUB (stuck on screen)

From: Felix Miata
Subject: Re: GRUB (stuck on screen)
Date: Mon, 30 Apr 2012 22:36:34 -0400
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On 2012/04/30 12:48 (GMT-0600) J.V. composed:

I have a linux system - on another system, I cut a bunch of Windows
rescue CD's (that are based on Linux) and was trying them out.

I think it may have been the Kapersky rescue live CD, not sure, so it
booted, I did not run a rescue or anything, just wanted to see if it
would boot.

Now when I boot my Linux system, I get a black screen and all white
letters that say: "GRUB" and that's it.  It hangs there.

How to unstuck it?

Do you have more than one HD in that system? If not, this _might_ actually be a BIOS problem rather than a Grub problem. Grub has multiple parts to the boot process. Seeing just GRUB on the screen means part one loaded but could not find the next part. Booting OM or USB sometimes can cause a dumb BIOS to reorganize device boot order, but proper Grub function depends on devices being found as and where they were when Grub was installed.

If you have more than one HD, the order could have been switched in the (dumb) BIOS, so try reversing the BIOS order from what it is now.

First thing to try if you only have one HD is booting with no OM disk or USB stick, so that the only possible boot device is the HD. If that doesn't help, go into the BIOS to where boot order can be specified, and make sure neither USB nor OM is ahead of HD, then try to boot. If that doesn't help, move OM or USB (but not both) ahead of HD and try again. If still no boot, try moving both USB and OM ahead of HD and try again.

If still no good, boot a live Linux OM or USB, run the command 'fdisk -l' from a shell prompt, then include its output information along with the distro name and version of Linux you had installed, in order to get further instruction on what to try to get your Linux back.
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