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Re: I'm confused.....first usage of Grub2....... (Another Sillyname)

From: Another Sillyname
Subject: Re: I'm confused.....first usage of Grub2....... (Another Sillyname)
Date: Sun, 29 Apr 2012 03:33:50 +0100

Thanks for the reply Tom but I think you missed my points...

I want to understand what's wrong with my own Fedora booter script so that in future when I write other scripts I don't make the same errors.

I don't understand why update-grub has broken my previously working booters, specifically the 30_os-probers have now got root set to the /dev/sda5 pathing (via the UUID value) even though the menuentry title states they're pathed to /dev/sda3 (this was inserted by update-grub).  It's as if in one section update-grub picks up a value saying set the root to /dev/sda3 then ignores it and sets it to /dev/sda5's path via UUID value, this makes no sense.


On 28 April 2012 21:47, Tom Davies <address@hidden> wrote:
Hi :)
I thought a standard install of grub2 would be sufficient?

Then move all the other OSes above Ubuntu so that Ubuntu is bottom of the list by doing;
cd /etc/grub.d
sudo mv 30_os-prober 08_os-prober
That way it doesn't matter about all the extra lines that Ubuntu uses. 

Then set the value of "Default" to which OS you want as the default

Finally update-grub so that it finds all the changes you have made;
sudo update-grub

I got most of this from Marc Stewart on 2010-04-30 and some from Ubuntu's Community Documentation page which seems to need breaking up although i really quite like the way it's all there easily accessible on 1 page.
Regards from
Tom :)

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