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RE: ubuntu and text boot with grub2

From: Greg White
Subject: RE: ubuntu and text boot with grub2
Date: Mon, 16 Apr 2012 19:24:22 -0500

> > I have a working grub2 installation with an inconvenience.  I want a text
> > based boot.  I want to see all of the kernel messages scroll by.  I want a
> > command prompt and not X.  I edited my /etc/defaults/grub to remove the
> > quiet and splash options.  Yes I did the update-grub2.  Still no text.  I
> > added text to end of the kernel line and I get is a black screen.  The
> > system is responsive to Ctrl-Alt-Delete so I know the system is working
> > properly.  I removed text and added nomodeset and the system boots to a
> > graphical login.  I gave up on changing the various grub files to fit my
> > needs and rerunning update-grub2.
> The problem is that [U]EFI doesn't allow for early printing of kernel
> messages because there is no simple text console in UEFI once you've
> exited boot services, so you won't see any output from the kernel
> until a graphical framebuffer has been created. Kernel Mode Setting
> will probably help get such a framebuffer running early, but you are
> disabling KMS by adding the nomodeset parameter. There isn't much that
> grub can do to improve this, so you really need to ask how to get a
> framebuffer for printing kernel messages up sooner in your
> Distribution's or other GNU/Linux support channels. A simple option
> though would be to boot via BIOS rather than [U]EFI.
> --
> Jordan Uggla (Jordan_U on

I removed the nomedset parameter and still only get a black screen
until X starts and I get a graphical login.  It looks like I will have to
research KMS on my Intel HD integrated graphics card.  I still want
to see all of the kernel messages even if it is graphical and not text.


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