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Status of UEFI/PXE support

From: Richard Chan
Subject: Status of UEFI/PXE support
Date: Mon, 16 Apr 2012 16:00:53 +0800

What is the status of UEFI and PXE/TFTP?
shows not implemented yet as of May 2011.

Booting from PXE shows tftp as an available network protocol
I have tried various commands like net_ls_cards, net_ls_routes, net_add_addr.
So far so good...

But net_bootp gives a timeout even though the dhcp server shows:

Apr 16 15:29:37 xxxx dhcpd: BOOTREQUEST from d0:67:e5:fe:da:60 via em1
Apr 16 15:29:37 xxxx dhcpd: BOOTREPLY for to xxxx_em1 (d0:67:e5:fe:da:60) via em1

If I manually set an IP address using net_add_addr then

set root=tftp,
linux /vmlinuz

also doesn't work. I don't see any TFTP requests on the wire.

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